Investment Dealer Licence

The Securities Act 2005 and rules & regulations made under it allow for Investment Dealer Companies to be set up and licenced in Mauritius. This license is beneficial to brokerage houses around the world. Being licenced in Mauritius offers the advantage of a modern and flexible securities law, issues licences within a reasonable time and requires reasonable minimum capital requirement. The Act allows for several categories of the investment dealer licence and clearly sets out the activities authorised to be carried out under each category as follows:

Full Service:

    • •   Act as an intermediary in the execution of
    •     securities transactions for clients;
    • •   Trade in securities as a principal with the
    •     intention of reselling these securities to the
    •     public;
    • •   Underwrite or distribute securities on behalf of
    •     an issuer or a holder of securities;
    • •   Give investment advice which is ancillary to the
    •     normal course of his business activities; and
    • •   Manage portfolios of clients


    • •   Execute orders for clients;
    • •   Manage portfolios of clients; and
    • •   Give advice on securities transactions to clients
    • •   Give advice on securities transactions through printed materials or any other means


Discount Broker:

    • •   Execute orders for clients without giving advice

Key requirements:

    • •   Minimum stated unimpaired capital for the relevant category as per the Securities Act
    • •   The applicant must establish procedures designed to prevent conflicts of interest and the use of inside
    •     information by an effective segregation of its different activities.
    • •   Staff must meet ‘Fit & Proper’ Requirements
    • •   Appointment of a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) & an Alternate Money Laundering Reporting
    •     Officer (Alternate MLRO)
    • •   Meet substance requirements (as may be required)

Our professional services to Investment Dealers include the following:

    • •   Advice and assist in the drafting of all relevant documentations
    • •   Liaising with regulator and ensure smooth post submission of license application
    • •   Ensure timely response to queries of the Regulator
    • •   Opening of multi-currency bank accounts.
    • •   Provision of registered office address.
    • •   Provision of office space facilities.
    • •   Provision of professional directors and qualified secretary resident in Mauritius.
    • •   Provision of ongoing services post approval: Renewal of license, preparation of quarterly accounts and filing
    •     with the authorities, preparation & filing of tax returns