The trust agreement (trust) allows an individual or legal entity (the settlor) to transfer to one or more persons (the trustees, directors, or agents) the legal ownership of assets (trust assets). Trustees or directors are morally obligated to hold and manage the assets in the trust, in accordance with the Trust Act 2001.


The Trust is a legitimate means of protecting assets against personal high taxes, exchange control, or the risk of confiscation.


Confidentiality is guaranteed due to the non-disclosure requirement of the grantor’s or beneficiary’s data.


The established trust may be discretionary, passive, protective, charitable, or for the benefit of employees, growth, and maintenance, or for specific purposes.

Key Requirements:

    • •   Under the Mauritius Trust Act, a “Protector” may also be appointed to oversee certain decisions of the Trust.
    •     The powers of a “Protector” are not prescriptive; they vary according to the circumstances.
    • •   A Trust established in Mauritius is required to have a competent agent or resident in Mauritius, recognized as
    •     such by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC).

Our Professional services to Trusts:

    • •   Application for Trust
    • •   Due diligence on all the parties (Settlor, Protector, and Beneficiaries)
    • •   Execution of Trust Deed (This can be by way of either a Settlement or Declaration of Trust)
    • •   We are empowered by the FSC to act as Qualified Trustee
    • •   Trust migration services
    • •  Tailor-made solutions to suit the requirements of our clients including tax minimisation, reduction of global
    •    operating cost, and assets protection.