Global Business License 2

The Global Business License 2 is not tax resident in Mauritius and therefore is exempted from all taxation

The Global Business Licence 2 is not tax resident in Mauritius and therefore is exempted from all taxation. It is perfect for investors who require a flexible, tax free and confidential corporate structure to trade, hold investments, collect interests or royalties and offer global consultancy services. The GBC2 company cannot bears a Freeport Licence and thus cannot apply for work and residence permits for its directors or even for it management.

A GBC2 has comparable characteristics to the former International Company but having more interesting features that will suit the client needs.

Features of a GBC2 Licensed Company

The is of low cost as opposed to a GBC1 company but does not take any benefit from tax treaties in force. A GBC2:

  1. Must have a registered agent in Mauritius, and its register of directors and shareholders must be filed
  2. Must have a business plan and there is a need to identity the ultimate beneficial owner which must be submitted to the FSC
  3. Is permitted to have corporate directors
  4. Is not permitted to have bearer shares
  5. May hold board meetings in or outside Mauritius
  6. Must file an annual financial summary (audited financial statements are not required) with the FSC within six months of the balance sheet date
  7. Must keep minutes, register of directors and shareholders and accounting records at the registered office or at such other place as may be determined

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