Rouben Chocalingum

Co-Founder & Managing Director



  •   •   He began his career in 1992 at the State Bank of Mauritius where he gained extensive experience in credit and bank financing before joining Standard  Bank (Mauritius) in 2006.
  •   •   2007 – Joined AfrAsia Bank Limited as founder and member of the management team
  •   •   With 25 years of experience and a degree in Business Administration and Banking Studies.
  •   •   He developed the CRM of AfrAsia Bank Limited and participated in key strategic decisions  and was member of several committees.
  •   •   Also served as a director of AfrAsia Investment Ltd, and acted as CEO of the Bank on several occasions. He also attended meetings at Central Bank (Bank of Mauritius) and the Mauritius Banker’s Association.