Swadicq Nuthay

Co-Founder & Chairman


  •   •   MSC in Finance and International Trade – University of Reading, UK, with specialization in international financial markets and risk management.
  •   •   BSC (Hons) in Economics and member of the CFA Institute.
  •   •   More than 22 years of experience in the fund management and corporate finance sector.
  •   •   Worked as a consultant for a risk management consulting firm in Mauritius.
  •   •   Ex-CEO of AfrAsia Capital Management and ABC Capital Ltd, subsidiaries of two banks.  Former co-founder of a large financial group.
  •    •   Economist and author of numerous articles & interviews. He is also the chairperson of the task force on capital markets and a member on the Committee on Green Finance under the aegis of the regulator, the FSC (Financial Services Commission).